Parksville Lions Housing Society

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Q: Is there a waitlist for any of the properties?

A: Yes. BC Housing manages all housing applications on behalf of Parksville Lions Housing Society. Applications are held on a waitlist until such time as an appropriate housing vacancy becomes available.

Q: How long will I be on the waitlist?

A: Your wait for housing will be determined by the number of applicants, their needs, and housing availability. Note that your priority on the waitlist is not solely based on the date of your application. Other applicants considered to be in more need may be placed ahead of you.

Q: Do you allow couples in the senior housing facilities?

A: Yes. Couples are welcome to apply.

Q: How is my rent calculated?

A: In most cases, the monthly rental rate is 30% of your gross monthly income and is subsidized by BC Housing.

Q: Will my rent increase?

A: The Society conducts annual income assessments on all residents. Any change to your rent will be determined by changes to your income.

Q: Is it okay to have investments in addition to my monthly income?

A: Yes. The net value of your investments, calculated at 1% divided by 12, is added to your monthly rental rate. This is also reviewed annually.

Q: Do you require a damage deposit?

A: We only collect a damage deposit for units at Gillingham Estates, which at this time is $350.

Q: Does the Society provide any support services?

A: No. All of our properties are considered independent housing. There are many outside agencies that provide a variety of support services should you require any.

Q: The Society states that no pets are allowed at any of their properties. What if I only have a little dog?

A: Sorry, NO PETS of any size are allowed.